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Litha - Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice Global Celebrations

Every culture around the world has a celebration that honors and marks the high summer. On June 21st, ancient celebrations of song, dance, bonfires and feasts coupled with prayers for fertility, good fortune, and bountiful harvest celebrations still take place today.

In England, Stonehenge is steeped in mystery. Archaeologists and mystics have long debated its baffling construction. There are endless theories that abound, from it being an ancient burial ground, a temple of worship to ancient earth gods, a prehistoric observatory and even a portal to inner earth. Today, the summer solstice entices druids, pagans and revelers to witness the sun rising above the stone circle, which aligns perfectly with the summer solstice sunrise. 

In Mexico, the Temple of Kukulkan signals the precise moment when the summer solstice occurs, as the north and east sides are fully illuminated and the south and west sides are covered in shade. From the sky, it would appear as if the pyramid were diagonally split in two. In the evening on the summer solstice, you can observe a shadow effect on the north stairs of the Castillo. Seven triangles of light and shadow resembling a serpent descend slowly from the top of the stairs to the head of Kukulkan (the Feathered Serpent) located at the base.

In Iceland, Reykjavik, local esoteric bands play at a Secret Solstice Festival for 72 hours straight. In New York City, thousands of people gather to celebrate the start of the summer solstice with Yoga Sun Salutations. In Tyrol, Austria lighting mountain fires is a tradition that dates to medieval times to honor the Summer Solstice.

In Ontario, Canada they celebrate the solstice with Kupala, a Slavic holiday with pagan roots. Named for the Slavic goddess Kupala, it was originally a fertility rite. Women weaved garlands of flowers or wianek. Garlands of flowers were placed on water to predict romantic success. 

According to some versions of the Greek Calendar, the summer solstice marks the first day of the year. It also occurs one month before the opening of the Olympic Games. Today, a faction of locals makes the trek up Mount Olympus, a tradition that has lasted some 2,500 years.

According to ancient Latvian legend, the shortest night of the year must be spent awake by the glow of a bonfire and in pursuit of a magical fern flower—said to bring luck to lovers—before concluding by cleansing one’s face in the morning dew. Known as Jāņi Day (after the pagan deity Jānis, bringer of good fortune and fertility), locals hold great feasts, with traditional Lïgo foods including cheese made with caraway seeds, bacon-filled pie, and sweet beer.

Few celebrate the beginning of summer like the Swedes, who brave the long, dark winters of the north. During the day of “Midsommar,” considered a national holiday in Sweden, locals don folk costumes, light bonfires, and dance around maypoles (midsommarstång). The most famous demonstration of the revelry might be at Stockholm’s outdoor Skansen Museum, where guests bind birch wreaths and continues the festivities through the night.

During the Drăgaica Fair, Romania’s oldest midsummer celebration held annually in Buzăulocals observe the Hora Dragaicelor, a pagan ritual in which a group of young girls, dressed in white with bedstraw flower crowns, perform a rain dance around a central Drăgaica (bride) to ensure a year of good and abundant harvests. 

What is the Summer Solstice?

Litha Fairy

Summer Solstice is an ancient holiday that celebrates the Sun’s zenith reaching the furthest point from the equator. Summer Solstice is also a holiday steeped in ancient ancestral magic and doubles as a Pleiadean Galactic Portal. Unknown to some, Fairies are galactic beings residing in Inner Earth and the Summer Solstice is sometimes known as the Festival of the Faeries. The days are warm, fun and full of laughter, joy and play.

On June 21st, the Solstice Sun rises over the Galactic Cross opening a portal and streaming transmissions of higher vibrational light onto the Earth plane. We receive these ascension codes from the Silver Gate to assist with polarity integration and the Sacred Marriage – the Hieros Gamos. It is an auspicious time allowing for the future union of the spiritual masculine and feminine under the Universal Laws of the Aeon pairing.

Tuning in and receiving insights about your celestial partner, your purpose, along with information about past lives and gifts meant to assist you on your journey is easily accessible. 

The June Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is called the Summer Solstice and this marks the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere (daylight hours). As we commenced our journey from the last Winter Solstice we have been energized by the Great Central Sun through our Central Sun, feeling the transmissions and celestial flow into our divine solar aspects. It is during this point that we reach the peak of growth once again and for this reason we celebrate joyously how far we have come as we move forward towards the next cycle of our lives and ascension.

Why is the SUN so Important?

sun litha summer solstice

The Sun is our source of light, life, energy, and health. We receive the highest doses of vitamin D from Sunlight and this assists our body with other crucial functions. Summer Solstice is a time of great power, our life force collectively has been growing exponentially. 

However, the Sun also plays a significant role in our Ascension!

Our Great Central Sun – Sirius transmits ascension codes through our Central Sun and we receive these codes whenever there are solar flares and solar winds. These ascension codes are the strongest during Galactic Portals such as the Summer Solstice. The Sun feeds and cleanses our chakras and aligns our energy body with the planet and the galaxy. As we grow in alignment – the greater the light, magic and power to create and influence change for the better.

Solar light codes assist us to access memories of our ancient past and our soul lineage. The Sun’s energies enlighten and support the evolution of our ancestral and soul lineages on the planet. During Galactic Portals, we also experience a re-evolution and re-calibration of our cellular and energy bodies.

Our light body is made up of silica and our cells contain silica and with the power of the sun’s ascension codes it allows us to align with our light body and integrate it. 

Therefore, it is well worth taking the time to tune in to the frequencies of our Central Sun during the Summer Solstice and embrace the new cycles as we show our gratitude to the Universe for the blessings we have in our lives now.

How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice?

bonfires Litha Summer Solstice

Seven days before the solstice – use one of the following crystals – Carnelian, Green Aventurine, Citrine, Tigers Eye, or Orange Calcite. Intuitively pick one. For the first three days place this stone on your solar plexus. On the next three days place this stone over your heart. On the seventh day place, it over your third eye. This allows you to create an empathic nexus with the stone and will make the journeying and communing with the stone easier. You only need to do this for ten minutes each day. Create a journal entry each day of any insights or feelings that arise.

Decorate your altar with Sunflowers and the colors orange, yellow, and/or gold. Foods for the Summer Solstice include green vegetables, smoked fish, milk, cheese, fruit salads, meats for a barbecue, and ice cream for the kids and a Baileys Irish Cream shake for the adults. 

Make incense using dragon’s blood, clove and cinnamon and burn it over charcoal using an incense burner or perhaps you desire something floral - use gardenia, rose and honeysuckle and burn this oil mixture using an oil diffuser. Drums are excellent to play for the Summer Solstice. Having an Athame and Chalice representing the God and Goddess are also ideal.

If you can create a bonfire and make s'mores with your children or friends on June the 21st before sunrise is a wonderful way to begin the festivities.

On June 21st, just before sunrise begin by opening your circle with a Selenite Wand. Proceed by burning tobacco at the East, smudge your space with the tobacco, giving thanks to the Eagle Spirits of the East. Turn to the south, burn Cedar to cleanse your space, smudge your space with the cedar, giving thanks to the Wolf Spirits of the South. Now turn to the West, burn Sage to fill the space with light, smudge your space with the sage, giving thanks to the Bear Spirits of the West. Finally, turn to the north, burn Sweetgrass to please and attract the Spirits, smudge your space with the Sweetgrass as you thank the White Buffalo Spirits of the North. Sweetgrass lets your Spirits know you are ready for ceremony. 

Anoint your hands, third eye, heart and feet with summer blends such as orange, cinnamon, cardamon, frankincense, patchouli or lavender. Light a Yellow or Orange Candle. In your hands is the stone you have been working with all week.

Say aloud to set the intention ..."On this summer solstice day, I set all that limits me upon your rays. I claim abundance, joy, success -  Ancestors and Universe bless my requests. I draw unto my soul its power and solar codes of light. May its rays strengthen, inspire and transform my soul ever so bright, enlivening my soul towards higher flight. As my ancestors have done in days of old, I honor and thank you Solar King and Queen forevermore”.

Now visualize yourself in front of a doorway. That doorway opens a portal and on the other side is a rainbow diamond bridge. Cross this bridge without fear. On the other side ready to greet you is your Higher Self, Spirit Guide, Twin Flame or Guardian Angel.

Ask that your Higher Aspects or Guide reveal to you the future ahead. Who are the people and projects that will move forward with you into the next cycle? Who or what is important to leave behind? What new opportunities await you? What actions do you need to take to manifest your dreams into reality? Ask one question at a time – wait for the responses to come.

Now ask your higher self or guide to cut all cords of negativity and to bring forth the violet flame to transmute all dross. Request to meet your personal etheric physician and to be taken to your ascension seat - there to receive the diamond ascension activations, upgrades and fire key codes that will align you with your highest aspect for the well-being of all.

Claim it by saying “I am abundant in all aspects of my Life. I live in alignment with love and prosperity consciousness through the New Earth Templates of Supernal Light. With wisdom and love, I co-create my reality as a Master Being of Light. I can magnetically draw, manifest and bring into my reality all that I require in any given now moment as co-creator of my reality. I call forth the full cosmic alignment, activation, integration and upgrades at the highest level. I call forth the full activation of my 12 Strand DNA and the activation of all fire letters, key codes, and sacred geometries from all higher dimensions. I call for the creation of my I AM Avatar Body and the spinning of all my electrons to be in alignment with my highest aspects. I now center my Self as I breathe deep into my body and ground once more into the Rose Quartz Crystalline Heart of Mother Earth, with the knowing that I AM a Divine Being of Love in Service to the Great Mother. I affirm that this anchored now. I AM and so it is".

Spend some time thanking the universe for the blessings in your life. Open your eyes but ground slowly. Gaze into the candle, read your tarot, mirror scry, use the pendulum or tea leaves. See what insights comes to you.

Set your intentions on your altar, close your ritual and circle and say, “this circle is open but not broken, so mote it be”.

Continue to ground through deep breaths and once grounded – blow out your candle. Pay attention to which direction it flows towards.

After your ritual – head out to the beach or have a barbecue with friends. Spending it outdoors is a wonderful way of opening to the frequencies of the Sun on this amazing day.

Litha Summer Blessings, 

Blanca Maldonado

House of Aton

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