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Litha - Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice Global Celebrations

Every culture around the world has a celebration that honors and marks the high summer. On June 21st, ancient celebrations of song, dance, bonfires and feasts coupled with prayers for fertility, good fortune, and bountiful harvest celebrations still take place today.

In England, Stonehenge is steeped in mystery. Archaeologists and mystics have long debated its baffling construction. There are endless theories that abound, from it being an ancient burial ground, a temple of worship to ancient earth gods, a prehistoric observatory and even a portal to inner earth. Today,...

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Beltane Candles Incense Metaphysical Ritual Tools and Supplies Tumbled Crystals

Vis-à-vis, Love! Beltane a delicious celebration of life, love, union and passion. Vis-à-vis means “dancing partner” and it’s a perfect word to describe Beltane because it honors the oldest Cosmic dance partners. Beltane is a Gaian portal and it represents the peak of Spring as we transition towards the Summer. Earth energies are at their highest peak during this time. 

When we align with the cycle of Beltane, we are offered the gift to draw from that ancient well of unlimited energy that can empower our creativity and assists...

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ceremonies crystals Ostara Ritual Tools and Supplies Sabbath Spring Equinox


What is Ostara?

Ostara is the Spring Equinox. A time of balance, light and dark on equal footing. During Ostara, we celebrate the return of the light, new beginnings, the rebirth of the Earth, the return of Persephone, and the Goddess Oestre. Spring has arrived. Seeds are beginning to sprout and with this the hope of warmer weather. For our ancestors the spring time was crucial especially since food was eaten in accordance with the cycles and seasons.



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Crystal Oracle Cards

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Blanca and Feliks 


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Tiger's Eye Crystal

crystals metaphysical tumbled crystals tumbled tiger's eye


Tiger’s eye brings balance, wisdom, courage, protection, discernment, and the ability to see ahead. Need to know the next step and how to prepare meditating with Tiger's Eye will assist you to unlock those answers within yourself. 

No matter the challenge you are experiencing carry one with you. Capricorn is often symbolized by the goat and is ruled by Saturn. Goats have the stamina and have the ability to climb the steepest mountains. Tiger's Eye has this frequency within and therefore activate its unique medicine to assist you and act as...

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